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0845 numbers call charges and information

13/04/2012 09:52

OFCOM recently announced plans to simplify call charges to avoid consumer confusion. The 0845 Number Company always aims to be open and transparent about our 0845 charges, and in line with that approach have produced this blogpost.

An 0845 number is “pointed” to your existing landline or mobile phone. People calling an 0845 number from a landline pay between 3-5p per minute, depending on the service provider. This is why they are known as lo-call numbers. If you are calling from a mobile then the charge varies according to your mobile provider.

The owner of the 0845 number doesn’t pay to receive the call if the 0845 number is pointed to a landline. We just charge a one off set up fee of £5 + VAT, and then a monthly rental of £5 + VAT. If the 0845 number is pointed to a mobile however, you also pay 8p + VAT per minute to receive the call, and 27p + VAT per minute if you are with the 3 Mobile network.

Our 0845 numbers are “pay per second billing”, so you only pay for what you use. We don’t tie you into a long term contract with any of our numbers, you just have to give us 30 days written notice if you want to cancel.
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