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The Importance of Call Whisper for 0845 telephone numbers

01/11/2011 17:25

The 0845 Number Company is one of the UK’s leading providers of lo-call 0845 telephone numbers. 0845 numbers are lo-call non-geographic numbers. This means that you are charge the same cost as making a local call to phone them, and unlike phone numbers with area codes, there is no geographic area associated with 0845. Therefore, they are often referred to as national numbers, because they could be pointed to anywhere in the country.

The truth is that they are pointed to existing landline or mobile phones, and can be for businesses of any shape of size. “People generally assume that if you have an 0845 number then you must be a large company, which is often why some companies go for them, because they make their business look larger than it actually is” says Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0845 Number Company. “In reality, many businesses that have 0845 telephone numbers are large companies, but there are also plenty of smaller businesses out there that have their 0845 number pointed to their existing mobile or house landline phone, and don’t want to give that number out for privacy reasons. However, the problem comes when someone rings the number, as they don’t know if the caller is phoning their 0845 number to speak to their business, or if they are calling the personal number.

“Call Whisper is the solution to this problem. When you get a call to your 0845 number, if you have a call whisper then a short, recorded message of your choice is played to you before the call. So, it might say ‘business call’, or the name of your company, or ‘0845 number call’. This then lets you know how to answer the phone. So, if it is a business call you can say the name of your company, and answer in a professional tone asking how you can help, whereas if it is a personal call you can answer with a hello or by saying your name. Thus you don’t look unprofessional to clients and customers, and don’t sound silly to your friends and family.

The call whisper is only heard by the person receiving the call and not by the person making the call. They just hear the phone carry on ringing as normal. The 0845 Number Company charges £5 + VAT to set up this feature on 0845 telephone numbers, and then a monthly service charge of £5 + VAT. Visit the website of The 0845 Number Company for more details.
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