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The Virtual Number Company launches International Toll Free Forwarding Numbers

11/10/2011 17:31

The Virtual Number Company is delighted to announce that it will be greatly expanding its numbers by offering international toll free forwarding numbers. International toll free forwarding numbers operate in exactly the same way as the virtual local numbers that The Virtual Number Company offers for the UK, but are the freephone numbers for different countries rather than the area codes for different UK towns and cities.

Currently The Virtual Number Company offers virtual local numbers for nearly 500 different UK towns and cities, allowing businesses to appear to be based in an area in the UK, whereas actually their premises might be somewhere else. For example, a company might be based just outside London, but have a virtual 020 number because they want to do business in London. People are far more likely to call a number they recognise because it is familiar to them.

With international toll free numbers the same principle applies but internationally instead of just in the UK. So, if you want to do business in a country that you don’t have offices in, you can purchase an international toll free number for that country so that callers in that country recognise it as a toll free or freephone number, and then have it pointed to your offices in whichever country they may be.

So, if you have offices in the UK, but want to do business in France as well, then you could have a French 0805 number advertised in France but pointed to your phone lines in the UK. That would encourage French customers to call you, as they would be calling a French toll free number, although you would need to make sure the person answering the call could speak French!

The Virtual Number Company is offering international toll free forwarding number to over 80 countries. As with the virtual local numbers, they can be pointed at any UK landline or mobile phone, but can also be pointed at any phone in the world. Most popular numbers include for the USA and Canada in North America, for France, Germany, Italy and Spain in Europe, for Australia and New Zealand in Australasia, and for China and Japan in Asia.

Announcing the launch, Marketing Director Jemma Fox said: “This will help businesses who want to do business abroad, but who don’t want to have offices all over the world. For many companies, particularly service based companies, it is not necessary to have offices in every country, so this will save businesses a lot of money. Businesses now operate in a global market, and these numbers reflect that”.
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