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Added Value Features available for all virtual London 020 numbers

16/09/2011 17:01

Virtual London numbers are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the London Olympics coming up and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year. London has one area code – 020 – which is currently followed by a 3, a 7 or an 8, to make what are commonly referred to as 0203, 0207 and 0208 numbers.

The benefits of virtual London phone numbers have been much discussed, and centre around the fact that is London is the capital of the UK, that London has around 12.5% of the UK’s population living in it, that London is the financial centre of the UK as well as the leading city of many of the UKs businesses, and that therefore London is the place to do business in the UK. Yet on the opposing side, London is the most expensive place to live in the UK. This is why a virtual London phone number is so popular – because it can make your business appear to be London based, thus giving your company an added gravitas – without actually being based in London, thus saving your company a huge amount of money in London rent, not to mention living in London and spending vast amounts of money on London transport.

What is often forgotten is that, although a virtual London phone number is a fabulous piece of technology in its own right, it can be improved even more with a wide range of added value features, which are also available on The Virtual Number Company’s other virtual local numbers.

These include Call Whisper. As virtual 020 numbers are pointed to existing landline or mobile phone numbers, you don’t know if the incoming phone call is calling your original phone number or your virtual London number unless you have a call whisper. This is a short recorded message that is played when you pick up the phone to tell you know which number the person is calling. The Voicemail feature offered by The Virtual Number Company is another great feature, as it not only acts like a normal voicemail, but emails all voicemail messages, including numbers of people who don’t leave messages so that you don’t miss out on any calls. Call Recording on virtual 020 numbers is a particularly popular added value feature, as you can record all your calls, have them emailed to you, and then play them back as much as you want or file them for future reference. Very useful to make sure you don’t forget or overlook any details in a phone call. The full list of features available is listed on The Virtual Number Company website.
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