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Call Answering Service available from The 0845 Number Company

19/08/2011 15:24

Not surprisingly, The 0845 Number Company is best known for its 0845 telephone numbers, 0845 fax to email numbers, and for the wide variety of additional features it provides to accompany its lo-call UK 0845 numbers.

However, it also offers a professional virtual reception call answering service. They have a number of experienced, trained receptionists in their team at The 0845 Number Company who can answer your calls for you quickly and professionally.

They will answer your calls in your business name in our UK based offices during the normal working week – Monday through to Friday, 9am – 5.30pm, so that it appears to people calling you that it is somebody from your company answering the phone.

They will agree with you what you would like them to say, and will take accurate, detailed messages from your customers and then email them to you straight away.

Commenting on the service, Jemma Fox, Marketing Director, said: “The 0845 Number Company offers a flexible service to match your needs. So, if you’re slightly overstretched and could just do with a hand to catch the overflow calls so that you aren’t missing any then we can provide that service. At the other end of the scale, if you’re never in the office, either because you’re always out on the road or working somewhere else, then we can answer all of your calls and send all of the messages back to you. The service really can be tailored to suit your needs”.

“The huge benefits of this to you are that it makes your company look more professional, as your customers aren’t just faced with either an engaged tone or a continuous ringing phone or a voicemail – they actually get to speak to a human being.  The benefits that this alone can bring to a company’s image are hard to overstate”, said Fox.

As with their 0845 numbers, 0800 numbers, virtual local numbers and other telecoms related services, The 0845 Number Company only requires 30 days notice to cancel this service, so you’re not tied in to a long term package if you find out that you don’t need it at a later date.

The three different plans available from The 0845 Number Company are:

  • Call Plan 1. This is £20 per month, with The 0845 Number Company charging 65p per minute for calls received.

  • Call Plan 2. This is £50 per month, with The 0845 Number Company charging 35p per minute for calls received. This is ideal for companies receiving high volumes of calls.

  • Call Plan 3: This is for holiday or temporary cover, and costs £5 per day, with charges of 65p per minute for calls received.
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