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“This call may be recorded for training purposes” by The 0845 Number Company

29/07/2011 17:09

Having an 0845 number with a call recording feature can be incredibly useful to companies wanting to train their staff on how to handle calls, says Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company.

One of the great benefits of non-geographic numbers is the array of extra features which you can get with them, such as call whisper, voicemail, greeting message, DOBNA, time of day routing, IVR, call queuing, online call statistics, or fax to email.

One of the most popular features of an 0845 telephone number is the call recording additional extra feature, which you can add to your telephone package.

This costs £5 + VAT to set up, and then a monthly charge of £5 + VAT. This can be for either inbound calls or for outbound calls.

Your calls are then recorded for you – and you choose whether you have the entire call recorded or a selection of the call, or you can choose to start recording the call partway through the conversation. Most customers at The 0845 Number Company choose to record the entire call.

So, when you call a company and you get a message saying “this call me be recorded for training purposes”, this is what is happening.

The recording of the call is then automatically emailed to you after the call, and you can listen to it through your computer.

“Recording phone calls is very useful for training purposes, as it gives new staff experience of listening in on selected calls before they are thrown into the lion’s den of having to answer calls themselves” says Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company. “Working in a call centre can be incredibly nerve wracking, because you never know who is going to be on the end of the phone. You may get a customer who is phoning up to change the address or other contact details you have for them on your system. Easy. They may be phoning to cancel something or set something up. Again, relatively easy. But there is always the customer who throws you a question you have no idea what the answer is. Or a customer who has spoken to several colleagues before and expects you to know their problem”.

The more prepared staff who answer phones are, the better placed they are to be able to help their callers and customers. Obviously, putting them on the phones straight away to fend for themselves is of little help to either the caller or the customer. It doesn’t help the customer because they have phoned up wanting help and the person at the other end of the phone cannot provide it. It also doesn’t help the newby on the phone, because it dents and in some cases wrecks their confidence, they become a jabbering wreck, and give up their job because they can’t handle the phones.

So, this system allows training staff to select the most useful calls for training purposes, and then lets them use it to help prepare new staff for the wide variety of calls they might receive. “We know this feature has been of huge benefit to a large number of companies, and we are pleased that it is helping to lead to a better standard of customer service across industries” says Fox.
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