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No voicemail message left? No problem!

01/07/2011 17:11

If a potential customer calls you and you miss that call, and they do not leave a message, that does not mean you should miss that customer. There are lots of ways to make sure a single customer doesn’t slip through the net, says The 0845 Number Company.

At all times, a customer is incredibly important to a business, but in hard economic times, every potential customer or customer that makes a call to a business is one that cannot be missed. “You never know who it might be on the end of that phone” says Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company. It might be someone just making an enquiry about something small who will never actually phone back, but at the same time it could be a customer about to place your biggest order of the year. They could be calling with a budget of thousands of pounds to spend. Therefore, you don’t want to miss it.”

Yet sometimes, it isn’t always possible to catch every phone call that is made to your company. You can get a wide range of additional features for non-geographic 0845 numbers to try to limit the amount of potential customers that you miss. The 0845 Number Company’s voicemail feature allows you to record a personalised greeting for anyone calling you, and allows that person calling to leave a message, but it then emails you with a recording of the message, so if it is urgent, you can still hear it even if you are not near your phone or not in the office for a while.

This is great for catching those potential customers who phone up and want to leave a message, but quite often if a potential customer calls a company and they don’t get a response, they don’t bother leaving a message. They want to speak to a human being, and when they hear a voicemail, that’s it, they can’t be bothered, and they hang up. They may try again at another point, but if they phone a competitor in the meantime who does answer their call and is able to help them, then why would they bother calling you back? This is why the voicemail feature sends you an email with the phone number of anybody who has called your 0845 number and hasn’t bothered leaving you a message. You don’t have to wait until you’re next in the office to dial a number to find out who called you last, instead you can just check your emails and call them straight away. This means that firstly you don’t miss any potential customers, even if they don’t leave a message, and secondly that you can get back to them fast, hopefully before they have had a chance to get in touch with your rivals. Another useful feature is the Online Call Statistics feature. This details the number of the person who called you, the time of the call, the duration of the call, how quickly you answered the call, as well as details of any missed calls, so this gives you another way of checking on any customers you might have missed speaking to.

These are great options if you aren’t near your phone and unable to take a call, but the other way you might miss a call is if you have another customer on the line and so cannot take the call. Being faced with an engaged tone is just the same as being faced with a continuous ringing phone to a customer. They generally aren’t going to think, “they’re a really good company because they’re engaged they must be popular”, they’re still just going to call the next business on the list. The solution to this is DOBNA. DOBNA stands for Divert On Busy Or No Answer, and means if you cannot answer the phone because you aren’t there or because you’re talking to someone else, the call will divert to alternative contact details, which may be your home number, your mobile, or a colleagues number, to make sure that someone answers the phone.

One final option is Time Of Day Routing, whereby you can set your 0845 number to ring through to different numbers at different times of the day, eg. to your business phone between 9am and 5pm and to your mobile at all other times to make sure you don’t miss the call.

“We have lots of ways to ensure you don’t miss any calls”, says Jemma Fox. Just because someone doesn’t leave a message doesn’t mean they’ve got through the net!”
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