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The 0845 Number Company explains what DOBNA means

23/06/2011 16:28

DOBNA is an extra feature which The 0845 Number Company offers for its 0845, 0800, 0844 and virtual local numbers.

“DOBNA is not a character from Harry Potter” says Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company. “DOBNA stands for Divert Calls on Busy or No Answer. DOBNA ensures that you or your business never misses a call. Essentially, it does exactly what is says on the tin. If a customer calls you and the line is busy, or if you don’t answer because you are away from your desk, then The 0845 Number Company diverts the call to an alternative number. You provide The 0845 Number Company with a list of alternative contact numbers. So, for example, if your office number is engaged or if there is nobody there, then the next number that the call might divert to might be your mobile, or another office, or a different colleague. The chances of someone answering the phone are pretty high, so chances are that you will not miss any calls. Nobody wants to be missing customers whilst the economic recovery is still fragile”. 

The 0845 Number Company has a number of other added value features which you can add to your 0845 numbers, as well as 0800, 0844 and virtual local phone numbers. These include Call Whisper, which lets you know the number the person on the end of the phone is calling if you have more than one number pointed at that phone. It also includes personalised voicemail, which also emails you any voicemail messages you receive as well as notifies of any calls you received whereby the caller didn’t leave a message. Another great option feature is IVR – or Auto Attendant – which is the “Press 1 for Customer Services” etc that you get with many large companies, and makes your business sound quite large and professional when people call it. Other optional additional features include a personalised welcome message for your callers, a feature that records all of your calls so that you have them for your records, and a call queuing system for when you have lots of people calling your business at once. 

All of these features can accompany either 0845, 0844, 0800, or virtual local phone numbers supplied by The 0845 Number Company. 0845 Numbers are lo-call numbers, whereby if the number is pointed to a landline, the recipient does not pay to receive the call and the caller pays a lo-call rate of between 3 – 5p per minute from a landline. With an 0800 number, the caller does not pay for the call if they are calling from a landline, as it is a freephone number. Instead, the recipient pays to receive the call, around 3p per minute + VAT if the number is routed to a landline. With an 0844 number the person calling from a landline pays slightly more to make the call (around 5p + VAT per minute from a landline) with the recipient of the call receiving 1p of that per minute as a rebate and not paying anything to receive the call. Finally, local numbers give people the impression that a company is based in a specific location when in fact they might be based somewhere else. This is mainly used by companies who have one national base but want to operate in lots of different locations and cannot afford to have premises in all of those areas. The 0845 Number Company has 479 different area codes. 
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