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Have recordings of your calls in your emails with The 0845 Number Company

17/05/2011 14:46

The 0845 Number Company have an optional added value feature on their numbers which allows you to record all of your inbound or outbound phone calls – an incredibly useful feature for a wide variety of situations.

The 0845 Number Company has a range of additional extra features which you can chose to have added to your 0845 numbers package if you so choose. Two of these features are call recording for inbound calls and call recording for outbound calls.

These features mean that The 0845 Number Company records your calls for you, and when the call has ended you automatically receive a recording of the call by email.

You can choose to have all of your calls recorded automatically (the most popular choice), or if you wish to be more selective you can just record a selection of calls, or start recording the calls yourself part way through the conversation.

Jemma Fox, Marketing Director at The 0845 Number Company, says: “Our customers find this service incredibly useful for a number of different purposes. One of the most common is companies using the recordings for training purposes. However, we are finding that a fast growing use for the service is for companies to keep accurate and detailed records of all their dealings with their clients – recorded minutes. Previously, the person on the end of the call would have to make detailed notes on the phone conversation they have just had with a client, customer or business partner. If it had been a particularly long call then some of the details might have been lost, or misheard, or there might have been some confusion over what was agreed. Having a complete and accurate recording of the call means that those issues have become a thing of the past. After each call, you receive the recording in your email, and then you can save that recording in a file with all other work relating to that client if you so choose – and thus can call on it as a reference in the future”.

For each of the features The 0845 Number Company charges a one of set up fee of £5 + VAT, and then a monthly service charge of £5 + VAT. It is particularly efficient when used in conjunction with The 0845 Number Company’s fax-to-email service. Fax-to-email involves you having a separate 0845 number which is used as a fax number. But instead of the faxes you are sent going to a fax machine, the service converts them to a PDF and sends them automatically to your email inbox. Thus, instead of having to leave your fax machine on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, wasting energy and electricity, you can turn off your computer as usual at the end of the day, and not have to worry about missing any faxes. This also saves on ink and toner, and in particular paper. It means that you can add any faxes received from clients to a folder with other work relating to them, including recordings of calls with them, meaning less paper hole punched and put in a file on the shelf, and more work all together and easy to find in your computer files.
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