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The 0845 Number Company – so good that we don’t have long term contracts

11/05/2011 15:43

Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company explains that if you’re a good company, providing a service that your customers need, good value for money and good customer service then you shouldn’t need to tie your customers in to long term contracts.

“Many companies out there tie you in to a long term contract” says Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0845 Number Company. “6 month minimum contract, 12 month minimum contract, 2 year minimum contract, even 5 year minimum contract. Forcing your customers to stay with you that long is firstly not fair on them, but secondly suggests a lack of confidence in your own service or product that you make them have to sign up to it for so long”.

“Here at The 0845 Number Company, we only ask our customers to give 30 days written notice when they wish to cancel their 0845 numbers. This can be done by letter, fax or email. We don’t believe in trapping our customers – we think our service is good enough for them to stay without being forced to.” This is a flavour of what they offer:

Firstly, their prices are extremely reasonable. They charge a one off set up fee of £5 + VAT, and after that a monthly rental fee of £5 + VAT. They provide a fully itemised bill, there is no small print, and they provide discounts if you order multiple 0845 numbers. They also use per second billing, so that you only pay for exactly what you use, rather than having your call rounded up to the nearest minute and then being charged for that.

They also offer a 0845 fax-to-email service. Again, this costs a one off set up fee of £5 + VAT, and then a monthly rental of £5 + VAT. It doesn’t cost anything to receive a fax via this method. It means that instead of receiving faxes on a fax machine, they are converted to a PDF document and sent to your email inbox. This saves on electricity as you don’t have to leave the fax machine switched on constantly, as well as paper, ink and toner, and makes sure that you have all your emails and faxes all in the same place and easy to find, rather than gathering dust in a file in a cupboard.

The 0845 Number Company also offers a Call Answering Service. This means that if you’re too busy or unable to take your calls (for example, if you’re a company that is out on the road and seldom in the office) then The 0845 Number Company has a team of experienced, trained, friendly receptionists who will answer the phone as if they were part of your business. This allows businesses to look professional and not miss any calls. The service can either act as an overflow for when you’re busy, or can be used to permanently answer calls.

“The 0845 Number Company also offers a wide variety of Added Value Features, including IVR, Call Recording and Time of Day Routing”, says Fox. “Our excellent features, along with our friendly, helpful staff, excellent prices and fast service mean that unless customer’s circumstances change then they are unlikely to leave us, and if that is the case then who are we to force them to stay with something they don’t need anymore?”
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