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Telecoms Company Shows How To Make Money With 0800 Numbers

11/03/2011 13:30

0800 numbers from The 0800 Number Company allow a business to calculate exactly how much trade is being generated by each advert they have placed, allowing them to discard the ones that aren’t making money and focus on the ones that are. 

“The concept of running a business is quite simple in reality”, says Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0800 Number Company and a leading authority on UK 0800 numbers. “The idea is to bring in more money than you spend in order to generate a profit. 0800 numbers can help to achieve this”.

Looking at 0800 numbers as profit generators rather than income generators, 0800 numbers can be used very effectively to monitor the performance of adverts. The concept is that businesses use a specific 0800 number for each advert that they have. For example, if you have a yell.com listing, two yellow pages adverts and a BT phone book listing then you will need to use four separate numbers. It's no use having one number to cover the yellow pages if you have two ads - you need one number for each specific advert or web listing. They all still point at the same number, so it won’t alter the way you answer your calls at all. There will be absolutely no disruption or change. 

The point of this is that the provider of your 0800 number will supply you with monthly details of call traffic on each of the numbers that appear in your adverts or web listings. If the only place on the planet that a 0800 number of yours appears is in a yell.com listing then you will know with absolute certainty that the only place that the traffic could have come from is there. In other words you are therefore able to quantify the response from each piece of advertising that you have.

The next step will get your accountant excited as you will divide the monthly cost of a specific advert by the number of calls received on it to give you the cost per enquiry figure for each advert or listing.

This is fantastic information as you can now measure the relative effectiveness of different media and use it to make informed, educated decisions about your advertising programme.

For many business owners this will feel tremendous. Until now they will have been the prey of highly skilled persuasive sales reps who have told them their advertising medium is the best thing since sliced bread. Imagine how it will feel to sit down with a single spreadsheet containing your cost per enquiry data and dictate to the sales rep what you want and what you don't based on 100% accurate data. Sales reps fear this kind of data more than anything on the planet as they have absolutely nowhere to go with it.

Using telephone numbers in this manner allows business owners to have a clear out session and junk all the adverts that don't work effectively. This can only increase their bottom line.

So, it's clear to see that even though 0800 numbers are a cost to business owners they can be used to eliminate waste and boost profits. The cost of a typical yellow pages advert or yell.com listing far outweighs the annual cost of a 0800 number.
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