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0845 Secrets Revealed...

04/03/2011 08:12

The 0845 Number Company has seen that UK firms have been utilising 0845 numbers for many years to generate more profits.

"Ofcom’s range of numbers includes the popular 0845 along with 0800 and 0844. The 08 range has been known to create create confusion in the minds of both the public sector and business owners themselves." says Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company.

“It’s worthwhile for UK based firms to study the actual mechanics of how 0845 phone numbers actually work” Jemma Fox went on to say. “Once you understand the basics of 0845 numbers then your company will be in a position to utilise them to your best advantage to drive sales and create an improved bottom line.”

Find out the basics Jemma is referring to by reading the official 0845 Number Company Press Release on the PR Log website.
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