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0800 Numbers For Your Kids

14/02/2011 08:01

Most children in Britain have a mobile phone - even from an early age of 7 or 8.

British teenagers would see the removal of their mobile phone as the ultimate punishment a parent could make.

One of the major reasons why UK parents give their kids mobile phones is safety. As parents we want our kids to be able to get in touch with us when they need help or have become involved in a genuine emergency.

However - kids don't see it this way do they? As we all know - the major reasons kids want to have a mobile phone are to:
• look cool
• send endless texts

Even the most well behaved teenager is occasionally going to get into a scrape where they need mum and dad's help - read how simple 0800 numbers can give peace of mind by reading The 0800 Number Company article on the Ezine Articles website
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