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Llanelli 01554 Phone Numbers

Key Llanelli number features

Look like a Llanelli company with our Llanelli 01554 Phone Numbers.

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Llanelli 01554 Phone Number Costs

  • One-off set up fee of £15.00 + VAT
  • Monthly rental of £5.00 + VAT
  • You pay 2.9 pence+VAT per minute to receive the call
  • Per second billing ie a 30 second call costs you 1.45p+VAT ie you only pay for the time you talk
  • Only 30 days notice needed to cancel - No long term tie-in
  • Fully itemised billing
  • No small print
  • Discounts available for multiple 01554 numbers
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Llanelli is the largest town in both the county of Carmarthenshire and the preserved county of Dyfed , Wales, and sits on the Loughor estuary on the West Wales coast. Llanelli is famous for its proud rugby tradition and is a centre of tinplate production. Llanelli is also surrounded by a number of villages and communities in the Llanelli Rural district. Some of these communities, more notably those that immediately surround Llanelli, are often unofficially referred to as Llanelli. The area around Llanelli is home to a number of manufacturing companies, many of which service the automotive industry. In the mid 20th century, Llanelli was the largest town in the world where more than half the population spoke a Celtic language.

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