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Buxton 01298 Phone Numbers to a mobile

Key Buxton number to a mobile features

Look like a Buxton company with our Buxton 01298 Phone Numbers.

Ask about same day hook up of our Buxton 01298 telephone numbers.

Buxton 01298 Phone Number Costs

  • One-off set up fee of £15.00 + VAT
  • Monthly rental of £5.00 + VAT
  • You pay 8 pence+VAT per minute to receive the call
  • If your mobile phone is on the 3 Mobile network you pay 27p+VAT per minute
  • Per second billing ie a 30 second call costs you 4p, ie you only pay for the time you talk
  • Only 30 days notice needed to cancel - No long term tie-in
  • Fully itemised billing
  • No small print
  • Discounts available for multiple 01298 numbers
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We also offer a Buxton number to landline service

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