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  • One-off set up fee of £15.00 + VAT
  • Monthly rental of £5.00 + VAT
  • You pay 2.9 pence+VAT per minute to receive the call
  • Per second billing ie a 30 second call costs you 1.45p+VAT ie you only pay for the time you talk
  • Only 30 days notice needed to cancel - No long term tie-in
  • Fully itemised billing
  • No small print
  • Discounts available for multiple 01507 numbers
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Alford is a town in Lincolnshire, England, with a population of about 3,500. Alford lies at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds, 13 miles north-west of Skegness. Alford's retail outlets are mainly convenience-related to cater for local people. Alford’s shops include pharmacy, grocery, DIY and homeware stores, with one for upmarket food and wines. Alford has two supermarkets. Market days in Alford are on Tuesdays. The market, which varies in size dependent on the time of the year and the day, is generally small. Alford is known for its five-sailed windmill, and its Manor House, reputedly the largest thatched manor house in the country.

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